Urban & Rural Reinvestment

Urban neighborhoods and rural areas remain misunderstood and ill-served. Many share problems of poverty, inadequate infrastructure and isolation. But the potential for growth dwarfs the obstacles in their way. Prager helps remove these barriers, unearth advantages and cultivate opportunities for these fertile economies.

By harnessing concentrated buying power, willing labor and fierce consumer loyalty, Prager helps urban neighborhoods counter-balance decline and retail spending leakage. In rural regions, Prager helps transform work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit into new investment from within and forges
connections to those who place a premium on
these attributes.

By pinpointing correctable ailments with the greatest return on investment, Prager maximizes finite resources and helps establish momentum. By spotlighting growth opportunities, Prager piques the interest of investors predisposed to uniquely urban or rural development. And by paving the way, Prager restores community passion and excitement.

Urban Reinvestment Clients
• Chicago Housing Authority
• Columbus Eastmoor Urban Redevelopment Corporation, Ohio
• Humboldt Park Empowerment Partnership, Illinois
• Kobe City Government, Japan
• MacArthur Foundation
• Rockford Area Economic Development Council
• Urban Investment Trust

Rural Reinvestment Clients
• Kentucky Association of District Directors
• McHenry County Economic Development Corporation, Illinois
• Martin County Alliance, Indiana
• Meramec Regional Planning Commission, Missouri
• Navajo Nation
• Pulaski County, Missouri
• Rockford Area Economic Development Council
• South Central Indiana Regional Partnership
• Western Illinois Corridor Council
• Western Pinal County, Arizona