Organizational Development

Economic and business development organizations come in all shapes and sizes. Inspiring successes can be had by each. Prager hones the core competencies and management of organizations regardless of type and instills efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Prager is frequently retained to improve existing organizations as well as to create new ones to fill a void. Even the most productive entities must re-examine themselves to perform effectively in an ever-changing environment. For them, Prager provides pinpoint fine-tuning. Over time, some organizations become rudderless through no fault of their own. For them, Prager re-establishes purpose.

For many, marrying government and business resources under a common umbrella is the preferred course of action. And Prager is frequently the force that brings them together. Prager crafts an organizational roadmap, re-engineers management practices, choreographs staff responsibilities, determines budgets, identifies revenue sources and forges partnerships. All the while, key players gain ownership and a steadfast commitment to the organization’s success.

Organizational Development & Governance Clients
• Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation
• Business Oregon
• Chicago Workforce Board
• Choose DuPage, Illinois
• City of Oshkosh, Wisconsin
• Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
• Growth Alliance of Greater Evansville, Indiana
• Hanshin-Awaji Revitalization Organization, Japan
• Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
• Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts
• Korea Investment Service Center
• Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress, Kentucky
• Nogales-Santa Cruz Economic Development, Arizona/Mexico
• Radius Indiana
• World Business Chicago