"Prager provides the rare combination of vision, pragmatism and lasting commitment. In addition to serving as the architect for the Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation and designer of its strategic plan, Prager customized tools that made us more efficient, brokered State assistance on our behalf, educated our elected officials, trained our staff and continues to support us at every juncture."

Michael Scholefield, Chairman
Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation

"Prager Company has the uncanny ability to uncover opportunities and solve problems that others can’t. Prager's depth of knowledge and breadth of contacts significantly surpass that of other consultants in the field. And Prager's work always provides lasting benefit and a trail of success for which they rarely take credit."

Michael Kirchhoff, Executive Vice President
Indy Partnership

"Prager's market savvy, uninhibited hands-on approach and willingness to confront challenging situations are attributes I admire and obvious reasons for its success."

R.J. Reynolds, Vice President Administration and Manufacturing Planning
Toyota Motor Manufacturing

"With its decades of experience, Prager Company combines knowledge of North American business needs and overseas economic development conditions to successfully position Asian locations seeking to attract western capital."

Honorable Devinda Subasinghe
Sri Lanka Ambassador to the U.S., Mexico & OAS

“Prager has the know-how to streamline economic development efforts for greater efficiency and effectiveness, and the confidence to unite government and business toward common goals.”

Honorable Jonathan Weinzapfel
Mayor, City of Evansville, Indiana

"Economic development is not a one-size-fits-all process, especially when foreign locations and governments are concerned. As I have seen throughout Asia, Prager Company navigates the challenging international landscape with ease and provides the level of care overseas clients demand."

William Luttrell, Senior Investment Officer
World Bank

"Prager Company's imprint is the lasting partnership it forges between government and business, and the strong collaboration it engenders between elected officials even where it didn't previously exist. Prager's accomplishments speak for themselves."

Honorable Thomas Murawski
Mayor, Village of Midlothian, Illinois

"Prager Company understands regional economic development and its challenges. Their candid assessment and expert advice have greatly helped our Region grow and diversify our military and technology-based economy."

Ron Selfors, Executive Director
Fort Leonard Wood Regional Commerce and
Growth Association, Missouri

"Unlike most consultants, with Prager Company the client relationship is a valued and lasting one. Long after the project ends, Prager continues to lend support and guidance until recommendations become reality. We attribute our economic success to the outstanding leadership of Prager."

Mary Ellen Bechtel, Executive Director
Jefferson County Development Corporation, Illinois

"Prager is steeped in practical economic development and corporate site selection experience, and sensitive to the needs and perspectives of communities and business investors, large and small. This sensitivity serves them well and is evident in all the quality work they do."

Kenneth Robinson, Executive Director
Commission on Small Business
Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

"Prager will do far more than required. They really care about the outcomes."

Richard Cavendar, Executive Director
Meramec Regional Planning Commission, Missouri