Marketing Solutions

Jockeying for new investment is fiercely competitive. To win, marketers must convey compelling information that resonates with targeted businesses. They must nurture investors every step of the way. Prager helps institutions and communities target opportunities — those most desirous of their attributes, accepting of their limitations, and able to impart tangible benefits.

But information alone will not suffice. The marketing process must be systematic, sophisticated and adaptable. Prager delivers integrated marketing solutions that maximize often shrinking resources. Prager’s efforts venture well beyond the obvious and demand measurable results.

Along the way, Prager identifies attributes worth promoting, collaborative tactics, and strategies for routine communication. Upon delivery of its marketing guidance, Prager trains those charged with implementation to ensure a seamless transition from plan to action.

Target Marketing Clients
• Clinton Regional Development Corporation, Iowa
• Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana
• Interlocken Advanced Technology Environment, Colorado
• Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation
• Korea Trade Promotion Corporation
• LaSalle Partners
• Lake County Partners, Illinois
• Metro Tulsa Career Partners
• Oklahoma Gas and Electric
• Portugal Trade & Tourism Office
• Thailand Board of Investment
• Vision-e
• World Business Chicago