Interdependent communities have long gravitated toward a model of regional collaboration. Prager for years has been at the forefront of this movement, ensuring that diverse locales unite under common objectives, speak as one voice and share the fruits of progressive regional partnership.

Prager uncovers opportunities and challenges in situations where independent action just won't do. Collective ownership grows naturally from widespread public and private involvement. Guiding principles for regionalism are established to ensure equitable service delivery and accountability. Once an environment of trust and collaboration is forged, Prager works with regional leaders to devise strategies for action, unambiguous responsibilities and mechanisms for cost effectiveness.

Depending on the need, Prager may develop full-fledged regional organizations or simply processes for joint action. At the conclusion, previously independent or disconnected pieces function as efficient parts of the whole.

Regionalization Clients
• Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation
• East Central Indiana Regional Partnership
• Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana
• Fort Leonard Wood Regional Commerce and Growth Association, Missouri
• Illinois Department of Economic Opportunity
• Illinois Development Council
• Metropolitan Chicago Mayors Caucus
• Metro East Development Council, Minnesota
• Radius Indiana
• Thailand Eastern Seaboard
• Metro East Development Council, Minnesota
• Western Illinois Corridor Council
• Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation