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Prager Company builds economic success. For over a decade, Prager has helped corporations, locations and institutions realize their economic potential. We do so by equipping each with the strategy, structure, tools and insight necessary to succeed.

Prager team members have worked throughout North America and in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East for scores of governments, investors and public-private entities. Informing our work is fifty years of corporate strategy and site selection experience for the Fortune 500, major Asian and European corporations, and the next generation of business leaders.

The Prager team gravitates toward challenging and often politically charged assignments in the U.S. and overseas that others may shun. Our work is impactful yet discrete. Corporations, nonprofits, foundations and governments have long recognized Prager’s ability to coalesce those of differing viewpoints and enact change where needed the most.

Sampling of Prager Clients
• Accenture
• Albuquerque City Council
• Angle Technology
• Banco Popular
• Business Oregon
• Casino Aztar
• Chicago Housing Authority
• Chicago Mayor's Office
• Choose New Jersey
• Community Foundation of Louisville
• Delta Institute
• Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana
• Evansville, Indiana Mayor’s Office
• Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation
• Fort Leonard Wood
• Greater Portland Inc.
• Heritage Development Company
• Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
• Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
• Indiana Economic Development Corporation
• Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts
• Korea Trade Promotion Corporation
• Local Initiatives Support Corporation
• MacArthur Foundation
• Navajo Nation
• Nogales-Santa Cruz Economic Development, Arizona/Mexico
• Northern Illinois University
• Old National Bank
• Radius Indiana
• San Antonio Economic Development Foundation
• Thailand Board of Investment
• Toyota Motor Manufacturing
• United Way
• Urban Investment Trust
• U.S. Department of Defense
• U.S. Small Business Administration
• Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
• World Bank
• World Business Chicago

In addition to fee-for-service arrangements, Prager selectively provides pro bono assistance to communities and institutions that face economic challenges beyond their ability or resources to respond.